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“I bought a painting from Grace which is now the centerpiece in my studio. I just love her work; essential, warm and elegant.” A Maranca, Naples

“Yesterday I saw a golden morning illuminating the wall where I have hung Light From Darkness I, II & III. I love the way they look when they catch the morning sun; as winter gives way to spring and spring gives way to summer this will happen more and more often.“ CJ Brown, London

“I have commissioned two paintings by Grace (‘Battersea Power Station’ and ‘Ocean’) both of which take pride of place in my London apartment. They are markedly different but both stunning in their own way. Grace’s work is calming, insightful and imaginative.” S Tugwell, London

“We first saw Grace’s painting ‘Tasman Peninsula’ in North Sydney and we immediately liked it for its technique and tranquility. At home it fits perfectly. We enjoy it every day.” M Bauer, Sydney

“’Autumn’ – I still see something new and different every time I look at it! A very treasured painting.” Kate, Brighton

“We are the proud owners of ‘Firelight’. Grace’s name means, amongst other things: “a seemingly effortless beauty of movement, form and proportion”. This is a description that for me, also summarises the appeal of her paintings.” C Cox, London