Grace Ainley is based in London, having previously lived in Tokyo and Sydney. While living in Australia, she studied landscape painting at The Royal Art Society of New South Wales. Her paintings are held in private collections the UK, Italy and Australia. Her work has been seen in The World of Interiors.


‘I initially focused on painting large-scale landscapes in oils. However, having lived, worked and studied in Japan, I developed an interest in the tradition of maki-e - pictures sprinkled with gold dust. I experimented with incorporating layers of metallic leaf in to my oil paintings; each changes with the light so the viewer sees something new.

Nature is my inspiration; the elements, seasons and light. Momentary scenes such as spraying surf, scattering leaves or flickering embers are captured on canvas. This has led me to explore themes of time, transience and transformation.

I challenge the notion that art must be easily categorised, explained and defined. Instead I invite the viewer to embrace the beauty in ambiguity, imperfection and simplicity.’
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